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 Children's Music and Sensory Play

Welcome to Little Ducks Music and Sensory Play

2023 Bookings Open


With so much emphasis on education and lots of toys to choose from, it can be difficult to know how to play in a way that's both fun and beneficial to your little one's development. At Little Ducks, we use the latest child developmental research to create highly interactive and engaging music and sensory play classes for babies and children from two months old - five years old. Our classes are also informed by Aistear, the national curriculum framework for children from birth to six years old. Each of our classes is theme based with clear learning outcomes. 

Let us provide a safe space for your children to sing, dance and get messy through arts and crafts. This unique combination of theme based classes  will help boost children's vocabulary and memory along with their fine and gross motor skills improving confidence, self esteem and creativity.

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Nurture your child's creativity while stimulating their five senses with our sensory activities. These activities  also help children to improve fine motor skills, expand their imagination and gain problem solving skills.  These are fundamental skills which will help them to become independent learners.

Enrol in our new term commencing 9th January 2023.

Music Classes

Take your child on a musical journey. Experience a wide range of instruments, rhythms and  musical genres through singing, tapping, clapping, dancing and musical games. 

Studies show that early exposure to a creative, musical environment will have a positive impact on musical, emotional and intellectual skills.

Enrol in our 2023 classes now!

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